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Michelin Tyres
Michelin is a French tyre Producer Located in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Michelin is considered as the second highest tyre manufacturer in the world after bridgestone. Established in 1889, Michelin's main goal is to contribute to the mobility of products and public and to the improvement of society.
The first initiation is taken by André Michelin, whose goal was to advance the travel industry via vehicle and in this manner to contribute to the tyre industry. since 1988, at present Michelin employs approximately 6000 in china.
Why to choose Michelin tyres
Michelin positions as the second biggest tyre producer around the world. Since its initiation, the Michelin Group has motivated different Manufacturers and set up a good foundation for itself as a worldwide Reference. Creating a broad reach, Michelin tyres are utilized by the world's top-level vehicle manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Ferrari. Michelin rating is dependent on client surveys and it’s experience to assist you with picking the best Michelin tyres for your vehicle.
Unique sporty design is a new innovation of Michelin which  produces a velvet-like appearance, which draws out the letters and designs. All sizes of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 have a wheel edge protector which other than giving an unique good look on the wheel, shields the sidewall and wheel from kerbing harm.
Michelin tyres are more costly in view of their remarkable quality, durable guarantee, warranty and high modern rankings. It's no news that the brand makes probably the most costly tyres. Michelin tyres are comparatively costlier than other brand tyres because of their best quality and unique features.
From the date of tyre manufacture if the tyre hasn't been replaced after 10 years, for the safety purpose Michelin suggest you to replace the existing tyre with the new one. Still if they are found in a usable situation  and have not worn out to the tread wear indicator This applies to save tyres too.
If you are looking for the best Michelin tyres in Kenya at affordable rates then you have landed on the right page. 

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