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BF Goodrich Tyres


BF Goodrich is an American tyre manufacturing company. In the year 1870 B.F. Goodrich company was founded by Dr Benjamin Franklin Goodrich, later known as BF Goodrich. At the west of the Appalachian mountain range BF Goodrich is the first rubber tyre manufacturing company.


BF Goodrich was the first ever American company who manufactured Radial tyres. It manufactured tyres for the new Winton car by the Winton Motor Carriage Company. It has also purchased the Hudson River Rubber Company. During the 20th century BF Goodrich was not only the tyre manufacturer. It also started manufacturing rubberized hoses, which mostly sell as firehoses. It also manufactured rubberized belts, which normally used on modern vehicles as serpentine belts. As BF Goodrich Company developed it started manufacturing pneumatic bicycle tyres. It is the first company in America to manufacture this type of tyres.


We can say that BF Goodrich tyres are average-performance tyres and don't include any particular feature for noise reduction. Research has proved that only a few BF Goodrich tyres are quiet, whereas the rest are quite noisy.


Why to Choose BF Goodrich tyres


Normally BF Goodrich tyres are made in China, Canada & USA. BF Goodrich is considered as one of the top tyre brand in the tyre industry, hence it mainly aimed to focus on the car performance and truck/SUV tyres. For off-road tyres BF Goodrich is one of the best tyre manufacturing company.


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185/60R14 82T G-GR...

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205/60 R16 G- GRIP

Ksh. 11,112.90

Ksh.13,074.00 (15.00% Discount)

215/60 R16 95H TL...

Ksh. 10,550.40

Ksh.13,188.00 (20.00% Discount)

215/60R15 94V PROF...

Ksh. 12,461.40

Ksh.13,846.00 (10.00% Discount)

215/55 R17 94W TL...

Ksh. 13,721.55

Ksh.16,143.00 (15.00% Discount)

255/65R16 LONG TRA...

Ksh. 15,525.00

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245/45 R17 95Y TL...

Ksh. 13,948.80

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255/65R16 MACDAM

Ksh. 18,270.00

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195/80R15 96T RADI...

Ksh. 18,692.10

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